Death by HTML Coding

My artist soul (Rachel, here) had a near-death experience with the HTML devil yesterday.  Not only mine, but so close was I to losing my soul, that I turned on Darcie to zombie-bite her, and drag her in to my rage.  She too, was approaching her death.  As I understand it, Mia also had a run-in with the underbelly of social networking platforms.  Mock us if you must.  We don’t find it funny.

Our running motto, “People do it all the time,” is our most sacred life-truth.  We are bobbing around in dangerous back-end, computer coding waters.  May our souls rise like the Phoenix out of the fire…wait, mixing metaphors.  You probably get it by now, we are being slapped around by “easy” technology. This is going to sound rather idiotic of me, but I can’t even believe we still have to rely on HTML coding.  I mean, really?  As a mother, I have enough disputes to settle, without platforms deciding they don’t want to accept each other’s code language.  Can’t we all just get along?  

Meanwhile, back in “We are artists pursuing our passion” land, we continue to be encouraged by another film donation and people who think we are kind of cool.  No matter how dark and ugly the HTML labyrinth gets, we are here to make a film!   







As the week wraps up, we are filled with awe and gratitude for the support and encouragement we have received from many sources.  Our first donation came in before our official fundraising campaign launch.  It’s as if the trigger has been pulled, and the race has begun!  We feel more official than ever now, and we are quite aware of the responsibility we have in carrying out our dream.  

There is an unforeseen amount of work ahead of us, but it’s true what they say; when you’re doing what you love, it doesn’t really feel like work.  It’s more like playing hard.  



How Rude

Yesterday’s blog post was a PayPal donation button.

As if.

Wouldn’t that be magical though, you just slap up a pay button and people are like “Yeah, cool – OK .” Meanwhile, as we’re perfecting that particular magic trick, let us offer an explanation for said offending widget. Here’s a work-in-progress preview for the soon-to-be-launched Indiegogo campaign. Comments, questions, snide (well, hopefully not) remarks are welcome!

Ze Pitch

Who we are:
We are three women with a passion for acting, who wear multiple hats. We are students, wives, mothers, and friends who have to create a production company, make a film and cast ourselves in it. We are all expats living in France and met through our mutual love for the performing arts. Our passion lies in performances that encapsulate international talent and the resources of our environment. We aspire to stimulate and entertain our audience with creative content by uniting the unique talents of international artists in order to provide and cultivate opportunities to produce new projects from a global point of view, affirming that artistic diversity is the key to extraordinary art!

What we’re doing:
Our first collaborative project comprising international artists is called “Title of Film” (to be confirmed); an original screenplay written by the insanely-talented and award-winning writer Zoe Mavroudi (look her up, y’all. She’s just had a screenplay optioned by big producer). It is a story about …..I’d let you in on the proposed log-line, but the script is still in progress. Stay tuned – it’ll be good!

Even though our film is considered “no budget”, it still requires money. This is why we are turning to you for help.  We need to raise 5,000 Euros to rent our equipment and pay our crew.

Meet the Cast and Crew:
Darcie Young: Canadian. Actress, producer and mother of two who lives on the west coast of France.
Mia Altieri: American. Actress, photographer, producer who lives in Paris.
Rachel Rouquet: American. Actress, producer and mother of two who lives just outside of Paris.
Zoe Mavroudi: Greek. Award-winning screen and play write, actress, who lives in London.
Director: Brilliant person. Still confirming details on this one.

And there you have it. We hope we’ve begun to explain ourselves better. Believe us – we can’t wait to share more!

Good Vibrations

We’ve just struck a major chord.  And we are ecstatic!  Like-minded people moving forward together on a project, makes for a very exciting and motivating journey.  The back and forth conversations between writer-director-actors has been easy,open, and inspiring, and almost like we’re reading each other’s minds.  May all future projects be as such!  The point being, you know you’re doing something right when the pieces fall in to place and it feels great.  

Probably, if any of us were fully aware of what it means to “just make a film”, we’d be thinking twice about it.  There’s something to be said for ignorance and bliss.  But there’s also something to be said for hitting a groove that you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, you’re doing what you’re meant to do.


We the Hackers

Us ladies ended last week with a collective revelation:  we are hackers.  We are part of a group of people who are forging our way in to the “Industry”, on our own terms.  We are actors hacking our way in to a role, filmmakers at the mercy of creativity and resourcefulness.  We also became conscious of the fact that it’s much more than that.  Sure, it’s great fun putting ourselves in front of the camera for our own self-expression and communication with an audience.  However, we have quite frankly had enough of the film industry powers-that-be telling us how we can and can’t achieve artistic success, what roles women at our beautiful age can and cannot play, and what stories we can and cannot tell.  All of this succumbing to the denial of what is real and natural in exchange for what is plastic and unattainable is downright insulting.  

Enter the filmmakers who say “Enough!” We won’t gauge our self-worth and success as artists by these archaic standards anymore! Yes, we’re on our big lofty high-horse, but it feels damn good and powerful to shout it out!  We’ll take these moments when we can get them, because as soon as we go about putting our money where our big mouths are, we’ll have to face a brow-beating from the Industry gods.  

Onward, artists everywhere!  Let’s unite in the change we want to see!

It’s the Script, Stupid.

I listen to a lot of pod casts (is that one word?) and interviews of filmmakers and people in the industry.  Hands down, what makes or breaks a film, is the script.  One MUST have a good story.  OK, the acting is right up there too (Director, DP, editing)…but even so.  How many glossy movies have we seen with talented A-listers (ahem, Halle Barry who wins an Oscar, immediately followed by a Razzie), for which a lot of time and money was spent on a pretty nonsensical creation.

We happen to have been blessed with a brilliant and talented young screenwriter, and we are giddy with anticipation for what she will be handing us.  As first time filmmakers, this is the biggest card we hold in our hands.  We don’t have our own equipment, we aren’t technically oriented, and we are doing our damn best to put together a great team.  

Yes, we care deeply about producing a beautiful film and giving our best selves as actors.  After all, it is us gals who chose to make a way to get ourselves in front of the camera.  I still maintain, the script trumps all.