How Can We Show You the Love?

We are about to launch our first ever fundraising efforts.  It’s intimidating and exciting at the same time.  I imagine most people who fund raise keep their fingers crossed behind their back and whisper to the Universe “…sure hope we make it…” In the spirit of optimism and the feeling that there are people out there who think what we’re doing is pretty neat, we will boldly ask for help!

If you were to say, kick us a dollar or 200, what can we give you in return?  Credits, copy of film, likes and shout-outs, signed stuff, be an extra in our next gig? What?  

Starting from nothing is big and scary, but not impossible.  If anything, we’ll take the big bad fear with us and make it serve us!




2 thoughts on “How Can We Show You the Love?


    Two great fundraising platforms. As there is a time limit linked to each campaign, my advice would be that the initial amount be very reasonable, i.e less than 3-5k to start. People are less willing to give if they really don’t think the goal is attainable, in my experience. If they think you are close, they want to be that crucial contributor. Good luck ladies! Love xoxo Leesh

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