It’s the Script, Stupid.

I listen to a lot of pod casts (is that one word?) and interviews of filmmakers and people in the industry.  Hands down, what makes or breaks a film, is the script.  One MUST have a good story.  OK, the acting is right up there too (Director, DP, editing)…but even so.  How many glossy movies have we seen with talented A-listers (ahem, Halle Barry who wins an Oscar, immediately followed by a Razzie), for which a lot of time and money was spent on a pretty nonsensical creation.

We happen to have been blessed with a brilliant and talented young screenwriter, and we are giddy with anticipation for what she will be handing us.  As first time filmmakers, this is the biggest card we hold in our hands.  We don’t have our own equipment, we aren’t technically oriented, and we are doing our damn best to put together a great team.  

Yes, we care deeply about producing a beautiful film and giving our best selves as actors.  After all, it is us gals who chose to make a way to get ourselves in front of the camera.  I still maintain, the script trumps all.


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