We the Hackers

Us ladies ended last week with a collective revelation:  we are hackers.  We are part of a group of people who are forging our way in to the “Industry”, on our own terms.  We are actors hacking our way in to a role, filmmakers at the mercy of creativity and resourcefulness.  We also became conscious of the fact that it’s much more than that.  Sure, it’s great fun putting ourselves in front of the camera for our own self-expression and communication with an audience.  However, we have quite frankly had enough of the film industry powers-that-be telling us how we can and can’t achieve artistic success, what roles women at our beautiful age can and cannot play, and what stories we can and cannot tell.  All of this succumbing to the denial of what is real and natural in exchange for what is plastic and unattainable is downright insulting.  

Enter the filmmakers who say “Enough!” We won’t gauge our self-worth and success as artists by these archaic standards anymore! Yes, we’re on our big lofty high-horse, but it feels damn good and powerful to shout it out!  We’ll take these moments when we can get them, because as soon as we go about putting our money where our big mouths are, we’ll have to face a brow-beating from the Industry gods.  

Onward, artists everywhere!  Let’s unite in the change we want to see!


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