How Rude

Yesterday’s blog post was a PayPal donation button.

As if.

Wouldn’t that be magical though, you just slap up a pay button and people are like “Yeah, cool – OK .” Meanwhile, as we’re perfecting that particular magic trick, let us offer an explanation for said offending widget. Here’s a work-in-progress preview for the soon-to-be-launched Indiegogo campaign. Comments, questions, snide (well, hopefully not) remarks are welcome!

Ze Pitch

Who we are:
We are three women with a passion for acting, who wear multiple hats. We are students, wives, mothers, and friends who have to create a production company, make a film and cast ourselves in it. We are all expats living in France and met through our mutual love for the performing arts. Our passion lies in performances that encapsulate international talent and the resources of our environment. We aspire to stimulate and entertain our audience with creative content by uniting the unique talents of international artists in order to provide and cultivate opportunities to produce new projects from a global point of view, affirming that artistic diversity is the key to extraordinary art!

What we’re doing:
Our first collaborative project comprising international artists is called “Title of Film” (to be confirmed); an original screenplay written by the insanely-talented and award-winning writer Zoe Mavroudi (look her up, y’all. She’s just had a screenplay optioned by big producer). It is a story about …..I’d let you in on the proposed log-line, but the script is still in progress. Stay tuned – it’ll be good!

Even though our film is considered “no budget”, it still requires money. This is why we are turning to you for help.  We need to raise 5,000 Euros to rent our equipment and pay our crew.

Meet the Cast and Crew:
Darcie Young: Canadian. Actress, producer and mother of two who lives on the west coast of France.
Mia Altieri: American. Actress, photographer, producer who lives in Paris.
Rachel Rouquet: American. Actress, producer and mother of two who lives just outside of Paris.
Zoe Mavroudi: Greek. Award-winning screen and play write, actress, who lives in London.
Director: Brilliant person. Still confirming details on this one.

And there you have it. We hope we’ve begun to explain ourselves better. Believe us – we can’t wait to share more!


2 thoughts on “How Rude

  1. Would love to contribute here – always a big fan of Mia – go get the dream ! Would prefer to contribute by check. Let me know if you all still need some funding and if US check will work.

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