Death by HTML Coding

My artist soul (Rachel, here) had a near-death experience with the HTML devil yesterday.  Not only mine, but so close was I to losing my soul, that I turned on Darcie to zombie-bite her, and drag her in to my rage.  She too, was approaching her death.  As I understand it, Mia also had a run-in with the underbelly of social networking platforms.  Mock us if you must.  We don’t find it funny.

Our running motto, “People do it all the time,” is our most sacred life-truth.  We are bobbing around in dangerous back-end, computer coding waters.  May our souls rise like the Phoenix out of the fire…wait, mixing metaphors.  You probably get it by now, we are being slapped around by “easy” technology. This is going to sound rather idiotic of me, but I can’t even believe we still have to rely on HTML coding.  I mean, really?  As a mother, I have enough disputes to settle, without platforms deciding they don’t want to accept each other’s code language.  Can’t we all just get along?  

Meanwhile, back in “We are artists pursuing our passion” land, we continue to be encouraged by another film donation and people who think we are kind of cool.  No matter how dark and ugly the HTML labyrinth gets, we are here to make a film!   






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