“We aspire to stimulate and entertain our audience with creative content by uniting the unique talents of international artists in order to provide and cultivate opportunities to produce new projects from a global point of view affirming that artistic diversity is the key to extraordinary art.”

We are:

Darcie Young

Mia Altieri

Rachel Rouquet

We are three actresses who decided to make a film and cast ourselves as the stars.  We figured that it made sense to start up a production company to give our film (and future films!) a home.  The three of us are expats living in France, and we met through classes at the Bilingual Acting Workshop in Paris. Darcie hails from Canada, Mia and Rachel are Americans.  None of us are happy unless we are following our passion for acting.  Resolved to do more than sit by the phone and wait for Dream Director to give us our big break, we have chosen to make it happen for ourselves; thus our very first DIY film project.

Our blog is simply to track our journey, and at the very least, when friends and family wonder what the heck we’re up to, this might offer a few explanations!


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