Everyone’s got a Pitch Video.

Except for us.  Because we are still emerging from the dirt, at the very roots of the grass.  Researching crowd-funding campaigns, our glaring missing object is footage with which to create our pitch video (I’ve made it clear that we’re new kids on the block, right?).  Everyone else seems to have done this before, but I know that even they had a first time.  What isn’t quite conducive to the three of us sitting on a couch together making a video, however, is that we are all geographically far from one another.  I guess this is where we get the chance to exploit modern technology and make it seem as though we are always conducting creative meetings of the minds in Paris cafes, like a scene out of Midnight in Paris.  

So our pitch video runs the risk of not being up to snuff.  But we promise – the film most definitely will be!  We’re looking forward to having a few more pieces and players nailed down so we can share with everyone the talent who we are lucky enough to be working with.  

Also, let’s just talk about the technology and social media learning curve for a brief second:  it’s frustrating!  Did I just spend 3 hours figuring out how to post a photo where I want it (Incroyable!)?  None of us are complete and total tech idiots, but when you’re suddenly taking on a variety bag of new media, promotion, social networking, bla, bla, bla – wow!  Check back in a few months though, we’ll all be pro’s!  Thank you, life calling, for the opportunity to learn and grow.  


How Can We Show You the Love?

We are about to launch our first ever fundraising efforts.  It’s intimidating and exciting at the same time.  I imagine most people who fund raise keep their fingers crossed behind their back and whisper to the Universe “…sure hope we make it…” In the spirit of optimism and the feeling that there are people out there who think what we’re doing is pretty neat, we will boldly ask for help!

If you were to say, kick us a dollar or 200, what can we give you in return?  Credits, copy of film, likes and shout-outs, signed stuff, be an extra in our next gig? What?  

Starting from nothing is big and scary, but not impossible.  If anything, we’ll take the big bad fear with us and make it serve us!



Virgin Filmmakers

There’s a first time for everything, right?  This is the first time we are making a film, creating a blog, registering a business, opening a business bank account, Facebook biz site, Twitter, Indiegogo funding, gathering a film crew, obtaining a script….the list goes on, and it is daunting!

Thankfully there are three of us to share the load, but we all feel like fish out of water.  People make films all the time, though, so it must be doable!  Therefore, we will clunk along and learn as we go and make mistakes and overcome, and be fabulous, and be able to say “Wow – look what we did!”

From what I understand, people who follow their passion love their life.  Here’s to loving life!